Yak Yeti and Roll

Play the Yak Yeti and Roll with 5 Reels and 20 Paylines. Yak, Yeti and Roll is a cascading reel slot with a prize trail feature, cumulative cascading multipliers and wild symbols. It also has a double up minigame. Game pays Left to Right. Each cascade in a game advances the trail. There are a maximum of 17 cascades. Trail has 17 positions and once trail is completed, no more cascades will take place. The trail is reset at the start of every spin.
Win multipliers on the trail are not applied to cash awards on the trail. Cascade multipliers of the triggering spin are applied to all wins from subsequent cascades. The Free Spin multiplier shown is the final multiplier. The values are not multiplied or added together.
Free spins is where the payouts really start to snowball. Players can pile up huge reserves of free spins. Add also free-spin-specific multipliers to these. Then also apply cascade multipliers to quickly turn a small win into an earth-shaking avalanche!

Categorie: Betsoft, Slots